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Here, you'll find innovative and trending items, from cutting-edge technology to stylish decor. We constantly update this section to provide you with fresh and exciting options for your events, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve in creating memorable experiences.

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Wedding Rentals

Our "Wedding Rentals" section is dedicated to providing couples with a wide range of rental options to create their dream wedding. We understand that every wedding is unique, and our goal is to cater to each couple's individual style and needs.

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DIY Rentals

Whether you're planning a weddings, an event, crafting custom decorations for a special occasion, or setting up a DIY photo booth, our rentals provide the resources you need to bring your ideas to life.

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Event Rentals

Our inventory is designed to meet the demands of various event types, ensuring that professionals can create memorable experiences for their clients with ease and efficiency.

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Rentals FAQ

What are the benefits of renting?

Renting offers several advantages, including significant cost savings compared to purchasing, access to a wide range of high-quality items, and the flexibility to change your decor style for different events.

Is it more hassle to rent?

Not at all! Renting is straightforward and convenient. Other than returning the items, we offer services such as delivery, setup, pick-up and take-down to further simplify the process. You can also pick up your rentals at our location if that’s more convenient for you.

How does the rental process work?

The rental process is easy. You can book your items online, and our customer service team will contact you within 48 hours to finalize the details. You can choose to pick up the items yourself or opt for our delivery service to deliver your rental items to your home or venue. After your event, simply return the items, or we can pick them up for you for an additional fee.

Where do I go to pick up my items?

Pick-up locations depend on the items and your order details. You will be notified via email once your order is ready for pick-up. For Unit 3 pick-ups, park in the spots reserved for 'Ottawa Flowers' Customers. For Unit 15 pick-ups, drive to the BACK of the plaza, park at Bay #15, and call us upon arrival at 613-230-4217.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are from Monday to Friday 8am-7pm EST, Saturdays 10am-5pm, and Sundays 10am-4pm.

Do any items need assembling?

Yes, larger items such as chuppahs, arches, and canopies are disassembled for ease of shipping. A staff member will demonstrate how to assemble and disassemble these items when you pick them up, or upon delivery.

Can you deliver?

Yes, we offer delivery and pick-up services. Please ensure someone is available at the delivery address during our business hours to receive the rental items, as our drivers are instructed NOT to leave the items outside.

Can I request a delivery time?

We will call you after your booking to confirm a time window for delivery that works for you. Please make sure someone is at the address provided during the agreed upon time frame to receive the items as they will not be dropped off unattended.

Can you pick-up the rental items after my event?

Yes! If you wish to have your items picked-up and returned for you, this is an additional service which we offer for an extra delivery charge. Please note that the price quoted at checkout when selecting delivery is only for one delivery and does not include pick-up afterwards. When we contact you after you’ve booked online, we will ask you if you require additional services.

What happens if I notice I am missing an item upon delivery?

You must inspect and count the items when you receive them. If you notice any missing items, call us immediately, and we will work to resolve the issue promptly.

How are the items packed?

Items are carefully packed and inspected before pick-up or delivery. We expect you to return the items in the same packaging to ensure they are protected during transit.

Do I need to wash the rented items before returning them?

We expect some level of dirt from use, but we would appreciate it you could wash or rinse items that are very dirty to avoid damaging the packaging. Please ensure all water is poured out of vases before returning them.

Can you set up and take down my event?

Yes, we offer setup and take-down services at an additional cost. Our team ensures everything is perfectly arranged and taken down efficiently.

Can I extend my rental duration after I’ve already booked?

You may extend your rental duration if the items are not booked for another event. This service is available at an additional rental fee, which can vary depending on the length of time you wish to extend the rental. Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm availability and make the necessary arrangements.

What happens if I return the item late?

Returning items late can disrupt other customers' events, as they may be relying on the same items for their special occasion. To avoid penalties, please ensure all rented items are returned by the agreed-upon date and time. If an item is returned late, the cost of purchase will be charged to your credit card as penalty. We understand that plans can change, so if you need to extend your rental period, please contact us as soon as possible. Extensions are subject to item availability and manager approval.

What happens if the item breaks or is damaged?

If an item is broken, damaged, or lost, you will be charged the full cost of the item. We recommend handling all rental items with care to avoid additional charges. Alternatively, you may replace the item with one of similar quality and value, pending management approval.

Do you offer rental insurance?

Currently, we do not offer rental insurance, but we may introduce this option in the future.

Can you do custom floral work?

Yes, we are partnered with Ottawa Flowers Inc., our in-house florist. We offer custom floral work tailored to your event's theme and preferences. Book a consultation to discuss your vision and let our experts bring it to life. Email us at info@ottawaflowers.com to book a consultation.

When should I book a consultation?

We recommend booking a consultation once you have your event date and a basic idea of what you want, but still have questions, or would like more guidance before booking. The more information you have, the better we can assist you in bringing your vision to life.

What should I bring to a wedding consultation?

For a wedding consultation, bring pictures of your dress, bridesmaids' dresses, and colour palette. Additionally, photos of the venue can inform our design choices. If you've seen a bouquet or centrepiece you love, we can recreate or customize it for you. Bring an open mind, and let our experienced staff inspire you.

How can I save money on my wedding?

One of the best ways to cut costs without compromising quality is to rent items from our large inventory. We offer everything from vases to columns, lanterns, and wedding arches. Renting is cost-effective, and gives you the flexibility to design your flowers yourself at home and save!

Can you set up and take down my event?

Yes, we offer setup and take-down services at an additional cost. Our team ensures everything is perfectly arranged and taken down efficiently.

Do you offer event coordination services?

Yes, we offer event coordination services at an additional cost. Our experienced coordinators will manage every aspect of your event, from receiving the deliveries, to making sure the items are placed exactly where you want them, and overall overseeing that the event runs smoothly and according to plan.

How can I make my wedding stand out?

Our team specializes in creating visually captivating events. We offer event coordination services, where we can work closely with you to craft multiple points of visual interest using a variety of vases and decor accents. By strategically planning decor for key areas where the photos will be taken, we maximize the impact of your decor, creating memorable and photographable aesthetics.