How It Works

Rental Process Description

Step 1: Selection of Rental Option
- Customers have the choice of three rental options for the item:
  - 48-Hour Rental: Ideal for short-term needs, this option allows customers to rent the item for a 48-hour period.
  - 7-Day Rental: Suitable for longer-term use, this option provides customers with the item for a full week.
  - Purchase: Customers can choose to purchase the item outright, making it theirs to keep permanently.

Step 2: Payment and Security Deposit
- Customers are required to pay the rental fee corresponding to their chosen rental option at the time of booking.
- A refundable security deposit may be required to cover any potential damages or late returns.

Step 3: Pickup or Delivery
- The item can be picked up from a designated location or delivered to the customer's address, depending on the arrangement.

Step 4: Usage
- Customers can use the item for the duration of their rental period, adhering to any usage guidelines provided.

Step 5: Return or Purchase
- For 48-Hour and 7-Day Rentals: The item must be returned in good condition at the end of the rental period. Late returns may incur additional fees.
- For Purchase: Customers who choose the purchase option do not need to return the item.

Step 6: Refund of Security Deposit
- Upon return and inspection of the item, the security deposit will be refunded to the customer, minus any deductions for damages or late fees.